Scuba Steve

Steve Traynor - Professional Diver, General Naturalist and Expedition Guide.

What is Scuba Steve?

Scuba Steve began as a hobby and a small source of income for its founder Steve Traynor back in 2002, when due to the birth of his first daughter he decided to take time out from full-time employment and become a stay at home dad. Four years later he had two daughters and was the Managing Director of two dive companies, Scuba Steve Wanaka Ltd and SwimSports NZ Ltd.


Scuba Steve became a PADI Dive Centre and the largest dive store in the region, focusing on high quality dive instruction and retail sales, while SwimSports NZ imported dive equipment directly from the manufacturers and distributed to NZ dive stores.

In 2014 New Zealand implemented the Adventure Activity Regulations which were designed to increase safety throughout adventure sports. A side effect was that many small businesses were forced to rethink their structure in order to deal with the new increased regulatory compliance costs.

Steve decided that it was a good time to explore the international market instead and subsequently focused on leading dive trips in remote tropical locations. 


Steve joined the Royal New Zealand Navy when he was just 16 years old. He has spent most of his life on, in or around the water hence his nickname - Scuba Steve.

Steve is a PADI Master Instructor in recreational diving, technical deep diving instructor, construction diver, commercial skipper, first aid and oxygen provider instructor, and he holds an Advanced Trade Certificate achieved while working for NZ's largest marine outfitter. 

In 2012 Steve began planning and leading diving expeditions throughout the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. An avid outdoorsman, General Naturalist and highly experienced zodiac driver, he also lectures on a variety of topics, plus guides sustainable hunting, fishing and camping trips to remote locations.

Professional videographers regularly rely on him to provide underwater footage for their productions.

His exploits have featured in adventure magazine articles and he has contributed to several blockbuster movies, television shows and commercials.

Please note:

Scuba Steve no longer operates as a dive business in New Zealand. 

The business's office has relocated to Havelock, NZ.